Handmade treasures for your home

At NATYAL we offer you handmade decoration products in Bali with natural fibers.

Our products help create a cosy, fresh and modern atmosphere in your home, having adapted the traditional style of Bali and the Mediterranean to current Nordic and boho chic trends. NATYAL style is very fashionable.

We like to go to the last. Working together with our Balinese artisans, we try to always be one step ahead and offer you the latest market trends with exclusive products full of personality.

NATYAL is more than a decoration brand. NATYAL is nature, a responsible way of approaching life through the use of natural materials and environmentally friendly production. It is the positive and cheerful spirit of its founders, Natalia and Álvaro. It is Natya Ubud, our first corner in Bali. It is a journey towards a very stylish decoration that we hope you will enjoy.

unique products
The beauty of the craft

All of our products are handmade by Balinese artisans and we love this because it makes each product unique and sustainably produced.

With this, we generate a positive impact at an environmental and social level, helping artisans who live in communities with difficulties to improve their standard of living by developing their talent.

Bali inspires us

From there, we select each material with great care, and we have the local artisans who best master the craft technique and create wonderful products for your home.

The essence of Natyal is to travel. We want you to travel and experience unique sensations through our products.


In addition to our Bali products, we have introduced a collection made by hand in Spain, maintaining NATYAL's values: handmade, with natural fibers, and ethically produced.

At NATYAL we were born next to the Mediterranean. For this reason, we are especially excited to offer a collection with a Mediterranean style, and to support and value the work of Spanish artisans, which unfortunately is being lost over the years.

This collection is generally handmade with esparto grass. You can see the country of origin in the file of each product. They are wonderful products!

Organic product
We love nature

We like natural materials because they are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Natural fibers such as rattan, sisal, seagrass, jute, pandanus, etc. predominate in all our products.

In addition, these materials are ideal for creating welcoming, relaxing environments, full of life and personality.