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    Our bags are handmade in Bali by local artisans with high quality materials. If you are looking for large, durable, comfortable, uniquely designed and aesthetically appealing bags, look no further. They are hand-braided with natural raffia, have a very comfortable leather strap and, inside, are lined with a linen-white fabric. In addition, it has a practical zipper, so you can close it and store your accessories safely.

    They have a very current and original design, with a boho style ideal for different occasions. Set the trend with its natural raffia fibers or fringes, which will give a very chic touch to your outfit. These bags combine originality and elegance in equal parts!

    They are the ideal fashion accessory to add to your bag collection. They are very functional, because in addition to using them as part of your clothing, they can also decorate your house. Hang them in the bedroom or hall to achieve a very decorative effect in the different rooms of the home. An exclusive and very fashionable accessory, raffia bags are trendy!

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