Cactus decorativos

decorative cacti


    What better decorative element than our esparto cacti! Bring nature home and give an original and modern touch to your home.  

    These decorative figures are handmade by artisans in Spain who guarantee us a high quality product. They are natural, so in addition to decorating your house with personality you will be contributing to the environment and its conservation.  

    We have several types of decorative cacti, plus you can give them different uses. We have the natural fiber cactus of different sizes that we like both on a terrace and in a hallway, bedroom or living room or shelf to which we want to give the warm touch it needs; Also, the potted cactus, with which you can decorate your walls, tables, halls with the flowers and plants that you like the most.  

    Our cacti are made with natural esparto grass, a traditional material but one that is more fashionable than ever. Give your home the rustic, modern, boho and Ibizan touch and style that you are looking for. You can combine different sizes creating your own style, test your creativity!  

    Add the Mediterranean look and make your home more welcoming, cheerful and warm at any time of the year.