Figuras decorativas pequeñas de piedra hechas a mano con un estilo étnico y rústico moderno

decorative figures


    Give a different and original touch to your home with our decorative figures that will surprise you with their great character and personality.  

    Our models are unique and are sculpted entirely by hand by specialized artisans who give them their own life in addition to ensuring great product quality.  

    Among these figures we find masks, faces or bodies of ethnic characters. They are ideal to place in any space in your home, decorating and providing a modern, natural and Nordic rustic touch.  

    Made of stone or wood, in addition to showing off for their natural beauty, they provide great resistance with a robust and resistant finish. Due to its artisanal manufacture, each piece is unique.  

    Can you imagine one in your hall, shelves, living room or bedroom? Don't hesitate and add these attractive decorative figures that are so fashionable. You can choose different models or even combine them until you find the one that best fits your home.